Rejuvenating Your Skin with a TCA Peel

As you age, you can get skin tags, acne scars, and skin discoloration just from normal wear and tear on your skin. Professionals like dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and beauty aestheticians can perform a variety of chemical peels in their offices that penetrate the skin at different levels, using different acids. These peels minimize the appearance […]

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vitamin c

Vitamin C: Health For Your Skin

When you feel a cold coming on, many people turn to orange juice and other vitamin C sources for germ-fighting strength. Vitamin C is known as a powerhouse nutrient to keep you free from colds and flus, but it also plays a large role in skin health. Ancient people used berries, rose hips and petals […]

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foto hialuronic

Hyaluronic Acid For Your Skin

Creams, body butters and other moisturizers have long lists of ingredients, promising you supple skin and an age-defying look. Although no moisturizer can turn back time, there is one ingredient that is taking the beauty world by storm: hyaluronic acid. This substance may sound dangerous, especially for the skin, but this carbohydrate is a key […]

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Murad Customer Favorites

Should You Choose Murad Skin Care Products?

If you have only shopped in department stores or pharmacies for your skin care products, then you are missing out on a lot of brands that are sold exclusively online. One of these is Murad Skin Care products, and they are getting a lot of attention recently. Whether you are young and dealing with acne, […]

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